Bavaria C50

Bavaria C50 Profile

Length overall 52'1" / 15.55m
Beam overall 16'4" / 5.00m
Cabins 3-6
Bathrooms 2-4
Deck Layouts 11
Draught (Standard keel) 2.30m/7'7"
Draught (Shallow Keel) 1.85m/6'1"
Mainsail 76m² / 818ft²
Unloaded Weight 15,490kg
Engine Power: 58.8kW/80hp

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Beauty and performance.

With family or with friends – the BAVARIA C50 is about the pleasure of sailing, but it’s about relaxation too. Together you can enjoy a fabulous time on water or on land, and with a lot of people. That’s because, as well as a three, four and five‐cabin version there is even a six‐cabin version available. As with the BAVARIA C45, the C50 comes in two different equipment levels: ’Holiday’ and ’Style’.

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The new wow in this class.

Our aim was to make the BAVARIA C50 nothing less than a new benchmark in the 50‐foot yacht category. We’re sure we succeeded with its elegant, flat hull line and stunningly dynamic silhouette.

The walk‐on deck is free of edges and steps, the hatches recessed into the deck provide optimum lighting and ventilation. Everything is clear and minimalist, reflecting our understanding of good, modern yacht design.

Hull windows: Embedded into the elegant, flat lines of the hull are fabulously large windows that provide more light below deck.

XXL bathing platform: 2.68 metres of width for everything that’s fun right next to the water: sunbathing together, swimming, diving – there’s space for it all.

Extra sunbathing areas: If you don’t feel like withdrawing to the cockpit area to relax, then there’s also space at the bow and beneath the boom.

Dual wheel steering: Keep an eye on the sails and the course. And on lots of other things on board, such as tank levels, using the touch displays.

Renowned Yacht Designer Maurizio Cossutti and his team have done some outstanding work.

They created a masterpiece in the BAVARIA C50, with its elongated hull three big windows, the long window strip and the special cockpit design, divided discreetly into sailing and relaxation areas so you can enjoy both aspects in full.

There are two versions to choose from - Holiday or Style

Her name means nothing else than: The vacation can begin immediately. Everything you need is on board – from A for anchor winch to N for navigation instruments to Z for Zeising. Also always there: the highest seaworthiness that a sailing yacht can offer.

The BAVARIA C50 STYLE is the perfect choice for owners with the highest demands. It offers more features and more design elements – such as selected woods and upholstery for maximum style and customization. The gray decorative stripe on the fuselage is also a stylish eye-catcher.

Everything but ordinary.

A touch of superyacht, even below deck. Everything feels enormous. For example, sit on the big lounge sofa at the saloon table, surrounded by lots of natural light streaming in through the stylish light‐strip. In the evening, an intelligent LED lighting concept creates a pleasant atmosphere. For instance: when dinner is being prepared in the extra‐large pantry and you look up at the starry sky through the big deck hatches. The BAVARIA C50 – a star in so many ways.

Walnut edition: Elegance wherever you look.

This is like sitting in the lounge of a top city hotel. The warm wood tones and sophisticated LED lighting are what does it. Everything’s so stylish and tasteful.

  • Pure luxury: the owner’s cabin. Including a view of the water and the sky.
  • Queen‐sized bed, available in two positions: starboard or centrally amidships.
  • A separate shower cabin – another sign of luxury.
  • The saloon has space for everything and everyone, from the morning until late in the evening.

White oak edition: Bright, even when it gets dark.

Friendly. Open. Comfortable. White oak brings a touch of the country house below deck – even when you’re out at sea. Everything feels inviting and cosy. The ideal place to enjoy quality time with your wife, children, friends and relatives.

  • Every good day is followed by a good night: the owner’s cabin is the perfect refuge.
  • You’re guaranteed to feel comfortable here in the fabulously big queen‐sized bed.
  • Bright and friendly: the finest materials, including in the bathroom.
  • The saloon is a winner with its tasteful ambience and masses of natural light.

Mahogany edition: The name says it all.

Mahogany is a precious timber used especially for making furniture. And rightly so, since it boasts an exclusive, highly decorative appearance. This is comfort deluxe.

  • Almost too beautiful to sleep in: the luxurious owner’s cabin.
  • Spacious aft cabins – comfortable and inviting.
  • For a great evening after a great day.
  • Bathroom with clear, beautiful lines.

The pleasure of sailing always in mind.

Nothing should get in the way of the pleasure of sailing. That’s why both helmstands give you a perfect view of the sails and the route ahead. Everything is always in sight – including the instruments, which are extremely easy to operate. Even turning is easy, thanks to a self‐tacking jib.

The BAVARIA C50 also has a good potential for speed. The performance rig is pure joy, even for ambitious sailors, and it makes the yacht fast and safe in any weather.

Exterior highlights of the BAVARIA C50

Cast off on an unforgettable voyage. The BAVARIA C50 has lots of the things on board you need to sail straight off. And then there are the details that set it apart from other yachts in its class.

Deck Plans

  • 3 Cabin - Layout 1 image

    3 Cabin - Layout 1

  • 3 Cabin - Layout 2 image

    3 Cabin - Layout 2

  • 4 Cabin - Layout 1 image

    4 Cabin - Layout 1

  • 4 Cabin - Layout 2 image

    4 Cabin - Layout 2

  • 4 Cabin - Layout 3 image

    4 Cabin - Layout 3

  • 4 Cabin - Layout 4 image

    4 Cabin - Layout 4

  • 4 Cabin - layout 5 image

    4 Cabin - layout 5

  • 4 Cabin - Layout 6 image

    4 Cabin - Layout 6

  • 5 Cabin - Layout 1 image

    5 Cabin - Layout 1

  • 5 Cabin - Layout 2 image

    5 Cabin - Layout 2

  • 6 Cabin - Layout 1 image

    6 Cabin - Layout 1

Bavaria C50 technical specifications.

The BAVARIA C50 has an overall length of 15.55 metres. That’s just one of the facts about this yacht. Every single figure is the result of months of designing, planning and construction, and the result of decades of experience in yacht-building. Packed into an ultra-modern design, it guarantees one thing above all: fun, wherever you sail it.

Technical Data

overall length 15.55m (51'1")
Hull length 14.99m (49'2")
Length of the waterline 14.44m (47'4")
Overall width 5.00m (16'4")
Draft standard cast iron keel (approx.) 2.30m (7'7")
Draft option cast iron keel as shallow keel (approx.) 1.85m (6'1")
Empty weight (approx.) 15,490kg (26,312 lbs)
Ballast (approx.) 4,500/5,500kg (9,920/9,920 lbs)
Engine, standard 58.8kW/80PS (58.8kW/80hp)
Fuel tank (approx.) 250l (66 gal)
Water tank (approx.) 650l (143 gal)
Sail area 135m² (1,453 sq ft)
Mainsail 76m² (818 sq ft)
Mainsail (furling system) 73m² (785 sq ft)
Genoa 59m² (635 sq ft)
Gennaker 195m² (2,098 sq ft)
Code 0 115m² (1,237 sq ft)
Mast height above waterline (approx.) 23.25m (76'4")
I 20m (65'6'')
J 5.77m (18')
P 19.15m (62'1'')
E 6.66m (21'1'')
CE category A
design Cossutti Yacht Design
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