New NAUTITECH Catamarans for Sale

French-built Catamarans for Sale

When it comes to catamarans, the French have a well-earned reputation for building the finest, and this is particularly true at Nautitech. That’s why the NAUTITECH Line is constructed near the Atlantic coast in Rochefort. When you combine this with the exceptional interior joinery expertise from a world-class facility in Germany, where all the interiors are manufactured, the outcome is truly exceptional.


Clipper Marine Spain has the exclusive rights to sell new NAUTITECH catamarans across the mainland and its surrounding islands. If you can’t see the specific model of NAUTITECH catamaran you are looking for, please contact one of our yacht brokers.

Exclusive Rights to Sell NAUTITECH Catamarans in Spain

NAUTITECH Catamarans are available in sizes ranging from 40 to 54 feet, featuring comfortable and luxurious cabins in 3 or 4 cabin versions. The open-concept design seamlessly integrates the cockpit and salon on a single level, creating an inviting space for quality leisure time with family and friends.

These catamarans are designed to sail around the world without sacrificing performance. Every interior component is expertly crafted by some of the world’s most skilled professionals in their renowned joinery department in Giebelstadt. Following this, all components are assembled in Rochefort, resulting in a perfect symbiosis that defines the essence of a flawless catamaran.

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